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Flight Planning

Using industry leading flight planning software packages, we provide accurate, clear and concise flight planning data for any aircraft type. The intricacy of our systems allows for tailored and precise data accuracy when it comes to providing fuel burns, incorporating the flying characteristics unique to your individual aircraft. By evaluating enroute weather, performance, weight and balance constraints and permitted airspace, we provide the most optimum routing for your flight.

Ground Handling Arrangements

We believe it is imperative to give detailed attention to ground handling as well as inflight arrangements. Taking into account constant feedback from our clients, we have spent many years refining our list of approved handling agents so that your passengers can receive the best service upon arrival and departure from any airport.

Occasionally some airfields require special liaison with either local authorities or military bodies. Over many years, Signum has acquired channels of communication to enable the granting of airport slots, special arrivals, PPRs and parking permissions.

Should your crew or passengers require any form of transportation or hotel when they arrive at their destination, we have a list of safe and approved vendors, where we can meet the exact client requirements for both transportation and accommodation.

When offering passengers the highest level of comfort on your fleet, catering to their taste is of paramount importance. When you are down-route and require an extra special requested item for your clients, we will endeavour to source the highest standard of all types of cuisine through our network of tried and tested catering providers.

Overflight/Landing Permits

Permits are required to enable landing and overflight of certain territories. We have spent many years refining our contacts to enable us to easily and rapidly obtain these vital approvals. We offer clear fixed pricing for all permit requirements via our operations team.

When travelling to certain countries, prior arrangements must be made directly with government authorities to allow smooth and expeditious transit of passengers through customs and immigration formalities. We can handle all aspects of these complex processes to ensure the minimum disruption to your passengers and crew upon arrival. When visiting large amounts of overseas territories, it is necessary for crew members and passengers alike to obtain entry visas. Signum Aviation can pre-arrange visas for all your party either prior to departure or upon arrival.

Weather and Performance
A vital part of any pre-flight check is correct weather briefings. We provide a fully personalised suite of weather information including the following data: PIREPS, SIGMETS, Passenger Weather Brief, AIREPS, Surface Weather Analysis, Flight Level Winds (Graphical and Text), TAFs, METARs and NOTAMs. With safety a primary consideration of any flight preparation, Signum offers a complete airfield performance and runway analysis solution for all trips. These calculations, using state of the art software, consider and compute performance factors for all airfields making sure that no safety matter is left to chance.
Fuel Arrangements

Cost focused purchasing of fuel can save aircraft operators a vast amount of expenditure. By developing fuelling policies and selecting the most cost-effective fuel providers, Signum Aviation help save significant cost on listed airport fuel prices. In conjunction with our fuel provision partners we are constantly working to bring you the best fuel prices at worldwide locations.

Flight Watch

An important part of any flight support service is to be able to keep our client’s team informed of where their aircraft is. We provide flight watch services that include reporting departure, estimated arrival and actual arrival times to specific contacts using constant updates from our live radar feed. We understand that sometimes circumstances out of everybody’s control can arise during air travel, and recognise the importance of offering an in-depth flight watch service to our clients so that they can plan and prepare effectively. The experience of the team ensures we will always be there to support you, whatever the situation.

Security Briefings

Security is always a major consideration when travelling to territories with known issues. We are able to provide a full security brief for any country prior to departure and advise on the best methods of keeping your passengers, crew and aircraft safe during your time in any country.

Third Party Aircraft Charter

Private Jet Charter is not just a luxury, it is also an essential business tool offering extra hours in your day and saving cost.

The flexibility of private jet travel is unparalleled with the ability to fly directly to smaller, more conveniently located airfields, allowing you and your passengers to spend time more productively. With check-in times allowing you to report to the private jet terminal as little as fifteen minutes prior to departure, the time savings are huge. Private jet travel is also an excellent way to extend and further enjoy your valuable leisure time- allowing key flexibility and the ability to spend more of your time where it matters most, with your family and friends.

With over a century of combined aviation staff experience and with an extensive network of over 5000 approved charter aircraft, we can provide the best aircraft solution for all your charter requirements no matter how complicated and wherever in the world you need it.

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Jonathan and his team have exceeded our expectations in every way possible. As we expand our operation we have every confidence that Signum will remain the best choice of Flight Support provider.

Al Hudson – Chief Pilot. KJet

Just wrapped up our sixth international trip using SIGNUM. What a great team. In each instance the SIGNUM team has been professional, precise, and courteous. Most importantly communication has been perfect.

Captain – US Corporate Flight Department

Reliable, efficient, cost effective, honest, and above all never any mistakes. All qualities you want your trip planning company to have and all accurately describe Signum and Jonathan's team

European Based Private Light Jet Operator

Signum are an integral part of our mission to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients and passengers, we couldn’t imagine traversing this complex process without them

Phil Brockwell – Centreline Air Charter

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